Add obstacles to increase focus

Consider a plain ground with no objects on it. Where would you go? Probably nowhere. Now consider a wall with a door added to the equation. Natural human curiosity will drive you to try and check what's behind the door. That's how obstacles work in video games. They engage you and excite you to overcome it. If your team is losing focus, one of the best ways to get things back on track is to offer an obstacle for them to overcome. Sharpen their attention, connect emotionally and get them charged up!

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  1. Well that's the way people in uniform are kept busy. When there is nothing more can be asked to be done, fun games/ competitions are organised such as digging competition and then filling up. Pitching of tents, lawn mowing, hedge cutting etc.Of course all such exercises keep them physically fit and mentally alert.
    We in normal life should also create such environment. I will not call it obstacles. Good thought but dont try these stunts at home deliberately.