Chicken and Egg Syndrome for Startups

If I had money, I would have hired the best talent. If I had the best talent, I would have pitched for better work. If had good work lined up, I would have been paid well. If I was paid well, I would have enough money. If I had money... (a recursive loop really). 

Yeah, pretty funny right? Not so funny for the guy stuck in the middle. Where does one start - money or talent? 

The answer is (as you'd have read/heard a million times) - Start Now. Commit bucketful of mistakes. Intelligent mistakes, stupid mistakes. Make a complete fool of yourself. But don't stop. Improve each hour, each day. Sooner or later, you are bound to meet talented people willing to work for less money or clients who are willing to take the risk. Keep looking. But start now. 


  1. Hey,
    Quite an interesting read.

  2. Yes pretty interesting. Thanks!

  3. This is totally true!...but has few takers as needs a good risk taking appetite.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. @AJ thats why it makes it worth the while. Few people accomplish. I hope you found this blog interesting.

  5. You dont walk unless you stand, dont run unless walk.So one has to start first. Talent does not grow on tree or in only college.One learns from both success and failure. Attitude ---" Insha Allah yeh bhi gujar jayega".