Smart Devices. Really?

I just bought a smart tablet. Couple of years back I had bought a smart phone. Couple of years further back I had bought a smart laptop, a smart camera, a smart digital TV... (you get the drift). Having bought smart devices and gaining access to all the information in an easy and comprehensive way, my life has changed for the better. I feel I can accomplish more in my personal and professional life with less effort and concentration.  Lets see how: 

- I can carry a full reference library all the time. So I can directly use the information, rather than spend time memorizing stuff. It is already packaged, arranged, updated and available without my participation. 

- I have access to the photos of every person I am related to and people they are related to and also the people they are related to. I don't know if I need or want to have access to so many pictures. But, I have it anyway.  

- I stopped memorizing birthdays, amount of money I owe, meetings, phone numbers, TV channels, passwords... I have it stored on my gadgets so I that I have access to everything without memorizing anything. The emergency numbers are programmed too, on my cell phone. 

- People know what I am doing every minute of the day without calling me (real meetings are passé anyway). I too have access to people's bedrooms, offices, relationships, vacations, restaurants, sorrows, fortune's, game scores ... With all that - I now know what I would have experienced, had I been there with those people or at those places, without actually being there. 

- I check my devices all the time. Its not like I send (or people send me) messages or emails all the time, but since the option is open, I keep checking. It has become a form of my  social expression. If I don't fall off a real conversation into a message on my phone, people might think I don't have any friends. In fact most of the times when am distracted, I am digitally attending to lots of important things, while doing other important things in real life.  

- I haven't needed good language, grammar or handwriting for quite a few years now. I have been professionally accepted without all that. In fact, I can send a romantic message to my wife sitting across the table without screwing it up. Thank God for that!

- I don' t need to remember the names of my favorite authors, bands, books, songs, artists or anybody I admire. I don't even need to remember what made them successful. I can access the "All time greatest" lists in almost any field I want, in a matter of seconds. 

In fact, I don't plan to teach my kids anything, because they don't have to know anything. Hence I conclude, these smart devices are changing my life for the better.


  1. Pangs and pleasures of a gadget dependent life very well captured... It's hard to miss the underlying sarcasm running through this piece.

  2. :-) you have quite a blog going i see

  3. The 'smart' devices are making us dumber!! Time someone made the connection :). It's been a while since I read something by you, don't stop yet, you're on a roll!!!

  4. I agree. I am not stopping now... Don't forget to subscribe to the blog - Email/RSS/Aggregators .. what ever you like.