Democracy, Schemocracy?

More than two decades ago I was taught what Democracy meant. I don't remember the exact words but I pretty much recall these phrases - "By the People", "For the people" ... The key word to notice here is "By

So will imposing it from outside, ever work in the Arab world? I have my doubts. It challenges the basic premise behind the philosophy. The process is designed to work when it is selected, respected and followed by the people - on their own terms. For democracy to be meaningful it needs to be inspired by the local cultural, political and economic practices

Imagine this: A responsible neighbor comes to my house.. sets up the TV, fridge, elects me a Mom and a Dad, gives me a brother, teaches me to respect the younger siblings (minorities) in a way that is acceptable to the neighborhood, convinces some of the family members on his principles (that may not be present in my book of virtues) ... also promises me to give me money on a frequent basis to start off my family "progress" (that I promise not to squander on getting intoxicated and other good things in life) ... and blah blah blah... 

I'd say that person is nice, but something tells me it won't work. I am not going into the debate of who deserves what, but it can only grow slowly when the people want it. Democracy is an organic process not a computer program. It can't just be installed!