Life is fragile, keep it simple

As the events start to unfold in Japan, I am reminded how fragile life really is. I constantly worry about the future and often forget to experience the present. I don't think I can stop wanting more out of life. That's the essence of life. My life, at least. I should try to want more out of the present. And maybe also try to keep things simple, once in a while...


  1. A thoughtful post, Tanmoy. I think we should all work harder to appreciate the little things we have in our lives, and yes enjoy today, each day. Life is definitely fragile. I think we have to remember that there is a higher force in control. Best wishes! Thanks for subscribing to my blog!

  2. Thanks Christine. Couldn't have agreed more. We forget, so I guess we need to keep reminding ourselves.

  3. Well this is the essense of life but should not worry. Remember past is dead, future not yet born so present is only life. Enjoy this moment, create happiness within. You will see good in everything. It will also generate energy to create, to serve and to love all. Bye, love and smile