Yeah its a rubble road; now drive

Vendors are delaying my schedule and I can't afford to find a different vendor.
My client doesn't like what my designer designs. 
Even after 6 months of revising my product I still can't get rid of defects
My Internet has been down for 2 days. I can't go back to my office. 
I didn't have any sales appointments last week but I have three tomorrow, on my anniversary. 

---> the road is full of rubble. Nothing much you can do about it. Just drive.


  1. Yes, thats million dollar attitude. For Commandos " When the going gets tough , tough gets going "

  2. Yes I hope it is indeed worth a million (literally)! :)

  3. Excellent. Reflects "stuff" many of us are going through while we struggle to get ahead. Love your visualizing it as a rubble road and all you can do is drive on. So drive on and guess what, we'll follow in your path.

  4. @Penelope I am so thrilled everytime I read your comments :) Yeah, it's pretty much a rubble road and that's what makes it worth the effort, I guess. Very few people have the energy to keep driving. Hopefully we will keep getting positive energy from each other.

  5. One who just drives against odds has the attitude. He who has attitude is the winner. Attitude = 100. To drive, always say " so what ".