My acute love for Dell and Vista

As an extremely proud customer of a Dell Vostro running on Windows Vista for more than 3 years, I think I can finally express my love in words: 

1. Want to get something quickly done?
-- Take a deep breath and forget about  it. 

2. I have a lot of patience. Why?
-- I have not thrown my laptop from the balcony even after thinking about it constantly for 3 years. 

3. Want to save your work?
-- Write it down on a piece of paper first. 

4. What's the best part about Vista?
-- Sometimes it doesn't fail

5. Whats the worst part of Vista?
-- It was born. 

6. What's the best part about Dell Call Center?
-- I can't be charged with murder because I don't know where they work from. 

7. The worst part about Dell Call Center?
-- I don't have a combat tank.

I am not done, but for today I will stop :)


  1. I think from day one Dell laptop has given you trouble without required assistance from their customer care. Let this paper along with comments be passed onto them. If they really care for their customers, they will replace the laptop free without much fuss and let the world know about it.

  2. Excellent comments. Hope this comes to the attention of Dell customer care. Afraid Vista doesn't give a damn despite its poor performance reputation.

  3. Why dont you install windows 7 on it?

  4. Its past its lifetime now. We have it because Rashmi's company doesn't support VPN for W7. As soon as they bring that out - we will throw this one out.