The "pehle aap" rule of economics

Customers are not sure if they will retain their jobs, so they try not to spend on non-essentials. 
The companies guard their hiring budget, as they wait for the customers to start spending with optimism. 

Face off. 

Amid speculations of US collapsing into a double dip this year, no one wants to make the first move. The road ahead seems unfamiliar since we can only boast to have read about the great depression. No one really trusts anyone in matters of economic recovery and we will have to wait and see who blinks first.

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  1. One who takes off first generally wins the race. In business, however it may not be always true. So, they wait for the right opportunity. In the years of depression, we had a visionary in Mr Narendra Modi who showed the approach for revival. Cautious, ok, but not so much that one misses the train.