Google plus v/s Data v/s (Twitter, Facebook)

Data is a problem. There is too much of it and it is surrounded by too much noise. I am preparing another elaborate story on the data problem specifically (I do hope I complete that one!), but here I will qualify the post to Google plus. 

The demographic for Twitter is a bit older than Facebook. 40% of people using Facebook are 25 or under, where as 83% of people using Twitter are older than 25. Although they are often mentioned in the same sentence, they are different animals (almost literally). Facebook is driven by photographs, videos, games... where as Twitter is driven by news bites, short messages (of course), following topics/areas or "staying on top" of things. 

Both of them solve different problems but suffer greatly from data overload. Personally I have found it easier to network on Facebook. As discussed in previous posts - Google+ has put the right foot forward in terms of security issues although a friend did point out some issues. Now about the #2 problem with Social Media (#1 in a lot of lists) - Data. I think Google+ is a bit ahead of the rest of the pack (even if its just the beta version) and has by far the best potential to take on the data problem. 

1. Circles will reduce "broadcasting" 

Hopefully Google+ makes all the right moves and enough people start using it. Circles basically makes it easier to share things with the audience you want to share with and not broadcast everything. Thank God for that! So hopefully I wouldn't be bothered with a friend-of-friend's midnight cravings or pictures of the new mobile cover a stranger (I met at a concert) bought. 

2. You can edit your posts!

That means you don't have to delete it and post it again, which in web terms is similar to 'reprinting'. I am not a tech-savvy person, not in the traditional sense anyway. I don't know what was the big deal about it in the first place, but I would have to guess it probably was since none of the other leaders seem to offer it. 

3. Google Apps! (integrated with Google+ in future)

Google has a mega store of apps and eventually it will be integrated with Google Plus. More than anything else this is where I was sold. Imagine uploading a post directly to the Blogger or Google Docs and tracking it with Google Analytics. If you are a heavy user, this one will surely do it for you. I can't think how Facebook or Twitter would compete with that, but given the recent string of failures from Google - let's just wait it out. 

4. Single Login!

Imagine Maps, Analytics, Calender, News, YouTube, Books, Reader... and the ability to get notifications, alerts and share content directly to and from Blogger, Picasa, Docs (and Google + obviously)... run and keep track of Ad campaigns, Finances... all on an improved Chrome. Sounds fancy but this reality is not very far. And guess what - you don't have to login again and again. That's the last thing you want to do when you already drowning in data. It will be great to see the data organized on a single platform. 

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