Why Google+ might be here to stay - part 2

In my previous article I spoke about security problems with Social Media and how Google+ has made a refreshing start in trying to solve the problems. Continuing where I left - here is another exciting feature that encourages users to pay attention to security and take action. 

“View profile as...” under Profile tab

I would highlight this a bit more because a lot of users would be unaware of its benefits, but then its very early in its life-cycle. If you are a heavy Facebook user, there is a fair chance that you have wondered, how your profile appears in front of your boss or your mother or a ‘certain close friend’… I am not judging :) Google basically nails this one. After you have had the time to modify the security settings of your profile, you still want to know what exactly a certain person can see in your profile or your ‘wall’... That’s exactly what this feature offers. Type in a name of a person and you will know exactly what they can see in your profile and or which posts they can read. You can also check out how your profile appears to anyone on the web . 

This is not revolutionary but pure common sense. Makes easier to manage the security settings. To its credit: Google+ is the first major social media networking site to promote security management. I like that. 

By the way Google+ is not exactly a "Geek weekly sausagefest" as estimated earlier and they may have hit 18 million in less than a month. 

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