Are you a racist?

I came across a simple yet powerful question the other day: 

Racism: I don't consider myself to be racist, but a lot of people do. I don't date certain races and I'm rarely attracted to the ones I don't. Is this considered racist?

It was on Quora: click here

Here is what my answer looked like: Absolutely not. Lets get real and talk simple for once. 

I live in Canada and have worked in N America for a few years now. If you were from around here and met me (not available for dating :) but if you met me anyway), you will find that I know an awful lot about "white" literature, history, politics etc. I care about the things happen around me. I love the food and am deeply passionate about music (from the roots of blues to alternate rock).There will be no limit to the areas of conversations we could have. We could talk about the stock markets or gadgets or even something as silly as corporate life. No matter how many common grounds we discover - you will not be in any doubt that I am an Indian. Even if we were "available to date" - we probably won't. The feeling that you talk about is pretty much mutual. Do we become racists then? I don't think so. 

You don't become racists by liking your own kind. You become racists by hating people who are not like you. Hating a "class of people" just because you had a weird acquaintance like that - is not an acceptable argument. Hating "a class of people" because you know someone who doesn't like you (or gave you a lot of trouble) - is also not an acceptable argument. Basically, every time you connect incidents or experiences or just get influenced by people around you, to spew hatred against a generalized group of people - you are a racist. Am I allowed to hate Brits in general (just by virtue of being an Indian)? Nope. It is just stupid, if you ask me. Even then - will I argue about our history and defend Indians where I think they were right? Yes I would. 

In your case my friend - you are not a racist if you can't emotionally connect with certain kinds of people. And yes, you can generalize that feeling. Just don't hate them. That's all. 

By the way - love, as we all know, is extremely unpredictable. If you do happen to fall in love with a person you never thought you will - don't blame me! :)

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