7 weird comparisons between Android phones and iPhone

I am a recent convert. Actually I am a recent hopper. I used to be a Nokia person (Indian and Nokian were synonymous until sometime back). Then after moving to North America, I became an Android person because of the lack of choice in Nokia phones (or let's say abundance of choice in Android). Like any loyal Android person I used to think iPhone is a joke. It was expensive, losing its game, a jail, lacking substance and delusional. The worst part - Steve is longer there to guide them. So they are practically "doomed" (which is yet to play out by the way. It might just turn out like that). Then I recently moved to the other side. Life has never been the same since then. I am head over heels for the new iPhone.

This post however, is not about my love or hate about any particular platform (or brand). It's about some weird differences experienced by someone who has been on both sides. Here it goes: 

1. Android phones are like "Fast and Furious" on DVD and iPhone is like "Pride and Prejudice" on Blu-ray. 
One is about cutting edge excess. The other is about elegance. One is about extravagant expression and the other about purposeful minimalism. 

2. Android phones are like crazy, nut case, gunslinger rookies. iPhone is like a seasoned, appropriately greased and sufficiently oiled professional. Android phones are talented risk takers who come up with magical moves but then also fail miserably a lot of times. iPhone on the other hand will rarely fail. They'd rather be conservative and methodical than fail. This app that I am using to write this post - is a google app that works perfectly on my iPhone. The same google app on sucks big time on Android. 

3. Android phones are like the magnificent Burj Khalifa while iPhone is like a modern cathedral built with classic taste. One reminds you of the new shiny glass buildings in downtown. The other reminds you of stone carved buildings in downtown. Both are modern and located in downtown. The similarity ends right there.

4. One is an electric guitar while the other is an acoustic guitar

5. One is a racing bike while the other is cruiser bike.

6. One is T20 cricket and the other is test cricket.

7. One is a customizable sexy robot and the other is a talented sexy human.

Do I make my point? Or have I added to the confusion? I must clarify though. I have been a little unfair in stressing the class of iPhone and the tech superiority of Android phones. HTC One has proven that class is not unachievable in android phones and iPhone is no dummy in technology. I am actually biased in favour of iPhone even in terms of pure technology. This comes from an android user who hates closed ecosystems. Their attention to human detail makes functionality disappear. So much so that it feels like a precious jewel in your hand (whereas its actually a powerful rocket). But then as I said - I am biased. Lets see where things stand after a year or so.

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