Why AAP could be more than an adamant teenager

It is an exciting time for Indian politics. AAP has pretty much put traditional politics through a hi-speed juicer (and it is still spinning). I supported them but deep down inside I expected them to fail. I expected them to fall flat on their face and break their nose. My support to them was because their teenage mind appealed to my teenage mind. I decided to dance with AAP on their idealistic songs of changing the world. And why not? We don't have to be adults about everything. Its bloody boring. 

I was reminded of my college days where we would just make up causes and fight for them. I remember how we protested in front of the Vice Chancellor's office for weeks and got the Nagpur University Engineering exam schedule changed. We thought the exam schedule was not fair and it didn't give us enough time to study. Did that help? Of course not. We still didn't study and all it did was give us more time to party. To hell with right or wrong. We were teenagers and were naive enough to believe we would study if we got more time. Its good to have and live with teenage emotions once in a while. 

I loved their cockiness and adamant teenage method of dealing with things. If nothing it would be a source of constant annoyance for the adult political system. That itself should pay for my involvement and support. Now that the clothes are off, we get to see who is hiding what. While a lot of us have been whining about them taking support from Congress - I am pleasantly impressed. I didn't think they were wise enough to make political moves. They fooled a lot of people. And that is awesome. It gives me a lot of comfort to know that they might be hiding some political shrewdness under the garb of teenage ambition. I don't know about you, but I don't want jholawala activists running the country. We need political leaders who can negotiate, understand the relationship between cause & effect, needs & wants, make backroom deals happen and arrive at a middle ground when there is a need. We don't need a tool running the country who won't back down just because it would look bad. We also don't need people Anna Hazare running the country (there is a difference between a T20 and test match series). He is good at what he does and thank God he understands it as well. 

Here is proof that AAP is under adult supervision: 

1. They understood that BJP wouldn't risk "horse trading", given the timing of national elections. Actually BJP not winning the majority pretty much put them in a lose-lose situation. They took a calculated risk hoping it would end up going to a re-election. 

2. They understood and acted on the opportunity arising from Congress's need to keep BJP out of power

3. They also understood Congress's need to avoid re-election badly. That meant Congress had to put out a self prompted letter of support to the Governor directly, instead of AAP going to them. 

4. I don't know if they meant to act cool until the last moment (before pulling the cat out of the bag) or were they actually planning for a re-election. Whatever it was - it turned out to be brilliant. They only revealed their cards after BJP had clearly refused to form the government. 

5. Of course they couldn't appear to be blatantly going back on their "promise" of not getting or giving support to Congress and BJP. While the communication could have been less frantic they did enough to make it look like it was not their decision (letter to Congress and organizing Jansabhas).  That shows their political willingness to get to power. They have tried desperately to invent new language by saying they haven't taken Congress's support after taking it. 

6. Finally the thing that impressed me the most is that they respected the long standing rule - a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. They were lucky enough to survive the storm this time because both the major parties made the mistake of not taking them seriously. If there was a re-election, it was obvious that nothing would be left to chance. Congress's swift reaction to Article 377 and their swiftness in passing Lokpal Bill is testimony to the fact that they were making moves. 

All in all, my eyes and ears are open for what is going to happen next.  The way I see it - if they do end up selling us down the river, it will be no worse than what we have right now. 

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