No one won Bihar elections. Everyone lost


Reference to context for people outside India: Bihar election results 2015: World notes — Modi’s honeymoon is over

In the last few months BJP has had everything to lose and other parties everything to gain. While no one cares about Delhi, this one did matter. This loss shouldn't be celebrated. Even by BJP haters. 

I am really sad to see Bihar go back to Lalu Prasad Yadav. It shouldn't have happened. The only thing good is Bihar getting Nitish Kumar as its CM, even though it is really Lalu's victory. Let's hope he doesn't prove to be a Manmohan at the top. 

Maybe, just maybe there is hope that BJP will wake up from its trance and stop the gradual shift in their brand. They need to stick to and only talk about economic development and not just because it is important but also some of other "issues" close to their heart are not suited for a ruling national party, to say the least. 

I wish my eager friends would stop with all the name calling ("bhakts" and "prestitutes" and what not). I am so tired of reading that all over Facebook. All that is so 2014. Some teenagers told me it is not cool to continue saying things for more than one year, so it must be true. It is just left and right wing politics (some extreme left and some extreme right). We really don't have to be pawns in their game. 

I don't expect BJP to just drop their foundations and make a run for the left. However, they should do what they can - stop acting like the keepers of moral development and start delivering what they are supposedly good at - economic development, outsmart other countries on foreign policy, take steps to become a military superpower. That's what right-wing governments are supposed to do. Not argue about holy rivers or cows or who gets to have sex (I know I am technically wrong on this point).   

Even though I don't see eye to eye with them on many issues, India does need a right wing government in the centre. With China not hoping to deliver its gravity defying growth anymore, India has the potential and opportunity to be the new fulcrum of world economy. 

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