About Me

A research-driven senior wealth management professional with a strong foundation in finance. Clients typically hire me in the capacity of a senior business consultant or an engagement manager. I am result-obsessed, never walk into meetings without a relevant point-of-view, and you can expect emails from me at odd hours. I have led teams and engagements of up to 30 consultants. 

As a big believer of learning-by-doing, I invest in early-stage companies (food, eCommerce, education, content), manage my portfolio and write for financial publications. I am an avid reader with a keen interest in technology, finance, history, and culture. My reading list is likely to include The Atlantic, National Affairs, New Yorker, WSJ, NY Times, and National Post. I still collect movies and my playlist at any time should contain something from Beatles, Dylan, Priest or Pearl Jam

Audio experiments

Go Untucked (T-shirt company investment)

Khakrawalaa (food company investment)

Interactions with startup community

I still collect movies