Newton's law of action... and perception

Precursor: you might find it useful to read one of my earlier posts about personal branding.

A more generic form of newton's famous third law is "Every action results in a reaction". If you think carefully you'll discover it's relevant in every walk of life. But lets limit ourselves to managing perception here. Consider the world to be an audience. Whatever you do (or don't do) results in some sort of reaction in the minds of your customers, colleagues, family, investors, prospective target market...The reaction could fall in a range of huge to minimal. Most of the times its not even apparent. No matter how irrelevant, it might seem, its a small piece in the perception your audience carries about you. Don't know why but I am reminded of "The doors of perception".

Every reaction (no matter how small), resulting from your actions, adds some color to your overall perception as a person or company or agent or friend or manager.. Consider each reaction as "another brick in the wall". But, lets be reasonable here. It is extremely difficult to control or predict reactions. On the other hand you could act. No one stops you from calling that dissatisfied client or add some discipline to your networking...that's not unreasonable, is it? If nothing else, it gives you better control over reactions. 

So ...what color will you be adding today?