The reluctance of selling

In a small startup everybody needs to play multiple roles. It is not uncommon to find entrepreneurs wearing the 'sales' and 'product' hat simultaneously, everyday. Imagine this:

- 7AM: status call to deal with overcoming the shortcomings of the product being developed. It has been a pain area and needs to be sorted out before the 2.0 launch.

- 7.45AM: cut the call short to meet a important prospect for breakfast. Shift gears to move into a semi-sales, semi-networking mode.

- 8.30AM: while driving back, call the team again to continue the discussion about the product features.

Do you notice a challenge here? Apart from the ability to plan, multi-task, drive through early morning traffic, possibly biting down a bland/pricey breakfast there is a fundamental problem - sell a product with an elaborate cognizance of it's problems. Not just that. Product could be new in the market or maybe yet to find the first home (buyer). Which means there isn't a track record to write home about.

It is only natural to be a little reluctant of selling. If that's where things are stuck- having an independent sales force (in a bootstrapping startup language - one independent sales person) might help till you recover from the reluctance.

As they say (or maybe they don't) -sometimes it helps to keep emotions away from the cold world of sales. But off-course, if you believe the problems in your product's development cycle are minimal compared to the value it offers- nothing can stop you from selling it. Your eyes, body language, handshake will sell it before you start talking.