Accidents can only happen if you keep driving

Here's how one of the Dyson stories goes (visit his website to get the exact details, but this is the essence):  Dyson was researching on a technology for splitting the air with thin blades of wind. It didn't solve what they were trying to accomplish. But they discovered - thin blades of wind could actually be used to wipe off the water from wet hands. Traditionally (even today), hand driers aim at vaporizing the water and in the process take a long time, burn a lot of energy and damage the skin. On the other hand, Dyson's discovery works similar to a windscreen wiper. It justs wipes the water off the hands- taking lesser time and much less energy. It turned out to be one of their most successful and admired products. 

The mind (naturally) stops being inquisitive after it hits success. It acts like a wall to the train of thought. Failure, on the other hand, makes the mind restless and curious. In some cases it even becomes a launching pad ...propelling you to think more, learn more and do more... pushing you towards interesting conclusions. One can only wonder how many interesting and accidental discoveries end up in a pile of millions of dollars (over-simplifying here, but never the less).  

I know... it doesn't happen too often. Neither do we repeatedly (and enthusiastically) keep trying, when faced with multiple failures. Do you see a pattern here? Accidents can only happen if you keep driving.