Do you prefer to bowl in darkness?

Its hard to find someone who hasn't enjoyed a game of bowling. Imagine playing the same game in the dark where you can't see the pins. If you are an experienced bowler, you might knock a few pins down even in darkness. But its unlikely that an average or even an above average player would knock all the pins down on the second chance. The reason is simple. You will need to see which pins are standing to target them specifically. 

Experimenting with your strategies in sales/marketing/product/market acquisition/website promotion... can only work when you stop, measure, comprehend the effect of your strategy and possibly change directions for the better. 

Take the example of promoting a website. The new "buzz" is to participate in conversations on social media tools like Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook... Even random discussions will get some traffic back to your website. But if you don't analyze the traffic over a period of time in terms of platforms, topics, audience, groups, time zones, comments etc. you will never know what is working (and more importantly what isn't). Posting links on various platforms can only get you so far neither can 1000s of meaningful conversations be had at the same time. 

So, unless you are measuring the effect of every tweak in your operational strategy - you will not know which pins to knock down. You will not know whether you should keep doing what you are doing or you should do something different. So the question is - do you have a "daylight" strategy? ... or do you prefer to bowl in darkness?