Don't be a bad parent (to your idea)!

Don't call some one's baby ugly. It will probably invoke shocking reactions. Entrepreneurs are often dedicated to their idea (their baby) with the same passion. One could say it is only natural, but good parents know where to draw the line. When dedication tends to cross over to worship, they have a problem at hand

Their kid's rowdy mannerisms appear to be natural to doting parents. In case of a disagreement, they believe - "my child deserves a better world". Instead of preparing their child to succeed in this world they seem to be of the opinion - "the world needs to get used to my child". Of course that never happens and the child's future is not the brightest, to say the least. These kids find it extremely difficult to deal with real world challenges. You don't want to that to happen to your idea... Don't be a bad parent to it. 

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