Is Obama scared?

I am very curious about Obama's reaction to the Libyan crisis. The great protector of human rights seems to be unusually passive in this particular case. Europe has been much more vocal in its protest against Gaddafi's shocking onslaught against the rebel forces. Even when the question about the no fly zone was raised - US was very clear in not wanting to be the leader in that initiative. 

Hillary Clinton made it very clear: "I think it’s very important that this not be a US led effort". By this time in Egypt, Obama was talking about a "transition". I know Egypt is far more important and closer to US but the clashes were literally child's play in comparison to the brutal scenes in Libya. It's funny how the value of human life changes so quickly in a matter of a 100 kilometers. Alright, I will not go all theatrical on you but these are my guesses on why it's not been the usual response from US:

- US fears that this could end up being a pattern all across the Middle East. Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen... and they don't see how they can manage to control everything.

- Obama is scared of the violence spreading to North America if he takes a leadership role in resolving the Libyan crisis 

- Libya is neither important nor good for "business". Period. 

- They feared there is no decent way to solve the bloody deadlock so they decided to wait as long as they could. Today, the UN finally approved military action against Gaddafi's forces to protect the civilians. Now let's wait for the retaliation. 

- Either way, Libya (or any other Middle East country in uprising) seems to have a dark future. Having a democratic power will not help or even might make the situation worse. 

Hillary could only bring herself to call Gaddafi a "creature" which is far from what Reagan called him - "Mad dog of the Middle East". In an earlier article, I had mentioned Obama was reading Reagan's biography. In this article I urge President Obama to do the right thing (after he's done reading the biography).