Listen, will ya??

If they are where they are, then they are most probably good enough to be thereIf you think they aren't - nature will solve that issue in the near future. There is limited success in holding grudges for that reason. 

Confrontation can't and shouldn't be avoided. It must be dealt with. If you look around you will find a lot of smart people. This means that in a right-or-wrong situation, they might just be right (and you - wrong). So hear them out. If nothing, you will probably learn a couple of things from that process of listening. It is a cultural thing and needs to be gradually grown/maintained, within a group of people.

We are getting pretty "global" everywhere, and the team psycho-graphics are changing more frequently than ever. The listening culture is no longer just a good-to-have option. It has a positive impact on the level of tolerance and cohesiveness in the team. Arguments tend to be more constructive and decisions more productive in teams where people listen to each other. 

With all the merits I'd say - Listen, will ya??