No one deserves anything

"I didn't deserve this after all the hard work I put in!"

Haven't we all said that, some time or the other? (I have!) Here is what I often tell myself when faced with such an extreme scenario - No one deserves anything. 

You just get from one situation to the other. It's been said a zillion times, but I'll still repeat it - Life's not fair. In fact, it was never meant to be fair. The best move forward and the others are eliminated, whatever the conditions may be. That's how evolution works. No one really gets lucky all the time, and no one is unlucky all the time.  If it were to be fair, we wouldn't have been here. We wouldn't have evolved to the species we are today (not saying we're the most intelligent species ever, but its been 50,000 years since we started showing signs of communicating with each other).