Which walls do you bounce off?

People who follow any sport closely, will tell you - "it's all about momentum". Sometimes it just takes 5 minutes for a team to completely overturn the result of the game. You can just "feel" the momentum shift from one side to the other. Its only a matter of time before the other side gives in to the relentless pressure. But how does the momentum change? How does the initiative shift?

Parallels can be drawn in our work life too. There are days where we feel awakened, confident and everything turns out to be just perfect. Then there are days where we gasp for a breath of inspiration just to get through the next few hours. It is obvious we can't keep waiting to be hit by the next bolt of creative lightening to make our next move. Opportunities don't knock and wait at the door. 

Lets learn from the good old bouncy ball. It bounces for a long time because it loses very less energy with each bounce. It needs a boost of energy to start bouncing but what is remarkable is how it bounces off the walls and objects. It appears as if it gets rejuvenated by those walls, travelling in a new direction each time it bounces. 

We need to build walls that we can bounce off with new energy. I bounce off the websites I follow, off Netflix documentaries, off Classic Rock, off great Cinematography, off YouTube, off libraries, off old book shops... when I get bored with one I move to another without wasting too much time. More the number of walls, more are the chances of staying motivated. 

Which walls do you bounce off?