Working hard? Forget about it!

There are days where you exhaust yourself with work. And then there are days where you don't do much. Which one do you remember after a couple of weeks? Until a few years back I used to predominantly only remember the "bad week" or the "rough day". My brain liked to store and highlight every time I worked more than usual (and for some reason didn't care too much about my goofy days). I have consciously tried to change that. Here's why:

If my brain takes a special note every time I work hard -

-- I will tend to believe I am working more than I should, and that never helped anyone.

-- I won't be too excited to have new work coming in (and might miss out on some career changing opportunity)

-- Over a period of time, I am likely to convince myself that I am exhausted. Let's call it the "Oh I need a break" syndrome!

On the other hand if I forget how hard I worked in the morning or last week - I am likely to try harder and perhaps accomplish more. It's a little tricky and takes a lot of planning, but it helps even if we are partially successful. We will probably make better use of the bits-and-pieces of time between tasks/projects (instead of waiting for the next work item).

So the next time you come home after working really hard - watch a stupid video on YouTube or listen to some great music ... and just forget about what happened earlier.