Write down the real "why"

We forget. Its in our nature. No, I am not going to talk about your task list. I am not referring to the reminder service on Outlook or on your 'smart phone'. I am talking about forgetting the reason behind doing something. Ever had this feeling... when you have been doing something long enough, you actually forget why you started doing it

Lets take an example - you are bored out of your mind and you decide to change your job. You take a pay cut and join a young company to create a new product for them - your dream profile. Your boss asks you to recruit a special team and "keep them busy" till the real work starts. As time goes by (and the market conditions change), other projects start to roll in you get busy with that. The product launch goes on the back-burner in an altogether familiar manner. Couple of years later you find yourself doing what you wanted to escape - fighting with your boss regarding the promotion you didn't get last time. 

It happens to a lot of entrepreneurs too. The whole reason for starting a company gets lost in daily fire-fighting and market pressures. They end up doing something they wanted to get away from or never imagined doing. It happens to students too... they end up studying something they never imagined they would. 

It has happened with me so many times. A couple of years ago, one of the products I was developing took so much time, that time and again I had to often remind myself of the real reasons. Before I started writing this blog, I took some time to write down and save my reasons on a "Google Doc". I will now have access to them every time I have my doubts :)

Bottom line - we work hard, we talk to hundreds of people, we change directions/strategies ... and we forget. So write down the real "why"... so that it can get you back on the right track, when you feel lost.