Are we slaves?

The question I ask today is short but not simple - Are we slaves? 

Economists, historians and other intellectuals have talked about this from time to time (including Chomsky). I think the time is very relevant to bring it up again. Why is the time relevant? Millions of hard working people payed for the mistakes of people they never met in 2008. Millions of people will gradually starve to death because of egos, fights, policies and sanctions charted out in discussions they were never part of. Millions will commit suicide in hope of government aid, big enough to repay only a part of the debt their family 'owns'. 

Traditionally the most important characteristic of slavery was defined by defined by "forced to work". The slaves were treated like objects and hence could be sold or bought. They had (in most cases) no choice in the kind of work they wanted to do. The reasons might have been more 'economic' than political or cultural. 

I am not talking about the 20 to 30 million people who still fit the traditional definition of "sold and forced slavery". I am talking about the "modern slavery" of 100s of millions of people trapped in extremely low paying jobs (owing to extreme failure of human development). I am also talking about the billions who find themselves in "rented slavery" despite having skill driven jobs. They rent out the best part of their waking hours in return of a wage. The interesting part is that they are no longer forced. They are actually more than willing to do it. 

Is ironic the right word here? Are people naturally inclined to give up their freedom?