The Fool

I wrote this a few years ago... 

Said lord,

Go on
Make a fool of yourself
Throwing you
Empty handed
Into the puddle of deeds

They say, he said
You're equal
You never believed
But you preach
All the same
To every other man

Is it a scheme,
Outside your rules?
May be, you'll never know
You can still do
What you like to

You can't run
If the sky is falling over you
Can you?
So just bring life
closer to you

Jump out of the well
Yonder lie unclaimed wonders
Don't be too eager to protect
Your hands are empty too

There's sweet sorrow
Waiting for you
Let the show begin
You can't judge
Till it falls upon you

Go overboard like a fool
You'll realize
There is no pride
In trading freedom
Didn't they tell you?

Shame and fear
Are to be earned
And not excused
How long will you doubt?
What you believe is untrue

You did all that
Just so that
No one can blame you?

Its all a game
Made by you
No one will find you
They have to be
Found by you