Well done "more than boom boom" Afridi

For a team surrounded by controversies, public anger, depleted lineup, and lack of respect - I think you made Pakistan proud. You have been unpredictable at times but you fought hard and pushed good teams out of your way to the semi finals. There were times (a lot of them) where you looked good enough play the finals.

Almost no one gave you any reasonable chance of reaching where you ended up. India was expected to do well but it was you who made it possible for Dr Singh to invite "Mr 10%" to India. I don't think cricket diplomacy will go anywhere but I'll take talking in favor of 'not talking'.

Almost half of your team was made of ex-captains and potential captaincy contenders. It must have been difficult to claim your turf from them. But you did that (even if it may last only for a while) when it mattered most. You did what every captain strives to do but rarely achieves - lead by example. Your exceptional performance as a player (especially bowling) and as a captain forced your team to unite and play as one. It was refreshing to see your honesty and grace even in defeat.

This arguably has been your most impactful performance in the last 15 years of international cricket. Much better than anyone could have hoped from the "boom-boom Afridi" we remember you as.