Go on... Kick the shit to the fan!

Slip and fall. Hit the trash can and spread the good old rotting garbage all over the floor. No, seriously. Do it. How bad can it be? If you look into the history of making-a-mess, making-a-complete-fool-of-yourself, literally-kicking-the-shit-to-the-fan... you will notice that the there have always been enough time and resources to clean up and move on. 

Don't worry so much. If you are creating something new, it is likely you will create a big pile of garbage and then try to sell it in return for people's hard earned money. You will be laughed at and ridiculed. People will say "how stupid is that", often behind your back. That's alright. It has happened to great thinkers, writers, entrepreneurs, sport-stars... even presidents. They cleaned up and moved on. But take the first step. Don't keep thinking about doing great things. Do the garbage first. The world will not come to an end. Let "bozos" (as Guy Kawasaki would say) do what they do best - comment from the sidelines and 'predict' on hindsight... Forget about them and kick your fear out along with the trash.