Its more than anything and everything put together

The questions are:
"What the hell happened on Saturday" 
"Why are Indians dancing and singing, shouting and jamming up the streets?"
"Why is this World Cup win such a big deal?"

People in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, England and to a large extent, South Africa and New Zealand, will not ask these questions (some parts of Europe, N. America, Middle East, Asia and Africa might get their answers pretty quickly). For the rest - I will try to paint a picture. 

- Is it like Religion?
No, its more than that. Religion, by definition, unites people but only in groups. This perhaps is the only time when people of all religions celebrated together for being happy, with no strings attached (using mostly the right side of their brain). It is almost impossible to unite a billion people for any single entity or cause. This WC win did that.

- Who are these people?
They are students, teachers, doctors, patients, farmers, engineers, accountants, shop owners, chefs, postmen, policemen, defence forces, software professionals, actors, politicians, sportsmen (any sport), lawyers, bankers ...wives, husbands, sons, daughters, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts... More than a billion of them residing in most of the countries on this planet. 

Now, imagine this:

-- a billion hearts beating faster than usual, for most part of April 2nd, 2011... skipping a beat on every sharp turn the game makes

-- a billion wishes coming true at the same instant with one stroke of brutal power that saw a cricket ball fly into 40,000 delirious spectators

-- a billion exhilarated shouts of joy from homes, offices, fields, streets, shops, clubs, bars, cars... if collected in a sound bomb, the noise could shatter windows of 100s of buildings 

No it doesn't solve any of our day-to-day problems and we will have to go back to deal with our lives. But the fact that together we prayed, wished, dreamed of something that actually came true - is magical. It is a feeling that we will stay with us for a long long time.