Evidence is Gold!

People naturally look for evidence to validate or substantiate their choices. It is vital not just in the court of law, but in every walk of life. Consider two young companies trying to break into a new market. Even before they start introducing themselves, we get impatient and curious - 

"Who are your clients?"

Evidence helps to lower the risk of our next move, improves our chances, enhances our learning without failing... We ask our friends, family and colleagues - 

"Did you like the that movie?"
"How was your experience of working for that company?"

Evidence is important to understand what went right (or wrong). Its not just about big events or sales calls. Consider a 9AM meeting which starts with some numbers from reliable sources. Wouldn't that be interesting for a change? 

Some people try too hard to make their presentation interesting/charming (even practice their jokes a 100 times) to grab attention. Your prospective customer couldn't care less about what your product 'can' do, let alone your forced wit. Tell them what it has done for other customers (even if that was in a test/pilot launch) and note the change in their attention. 

Start your elevator pitch with it and it might just make your day (until of-course, you run into other problems).