Humans v/s Food

Life is ironical. 

Humans learned to walk in search of food as the environment changed. They started to walk upright on two legs and lost body hair. That allowed them to regulate their body temperature and conserve energy. They could now strategically plan their travel over longer distances in search of food. They essentially evolved chasing food (given the role of food in survival). The process was super efficient. Each calorie was measured and used productively, much like Toyota's golden years at the turn of the century.

Modern humans get their food easily, provided they can gather enough energy to use a telecom/ Internet device. Although theoretically food is still a need, but for all practical purposes it's more like a want. A lot of humans consume food for entertainment, much like urban pets. It is not surprising they end up eating way more than they need. The focus has shifted from conserving to spending energyThey walk, run, lift/pull weights, stretch their muscles for a rather unproductive objective - chase away the food they didn't need to eat. 

Update: Economist published a different kind of apocalypse chart on the much hyped "Mayan Apocalypse Day". The image is self explanatory.