It smells fishy and I don't think it's important

The other day I had a discussion about Baba Ramdev with my wife. A good part of the discussion contoured on the boundaries of morality and ethics of freedom and the leader-follower relationship. We are not ardent followers of any public leader. In fact some times I'm concerned if that's good but let's keep that for another time. 

I see that a lot of people now don't want to follow Baba Ramdev and suddenly feel that he has stopped making sense. I want to question that. Why did he make sense before and why is not making any sense now? What has changed?

Lets see:
1. A lot of people found out that there might be some grey areas in his yoga empire 
2. A lot of people found out that he is perhaps not the most suave and sophisticated leader you will meet (not in politics anyway)

what else...
3. Oh yeah that little thing about how he went back on his promise to a couple of seasoned politicians. And so the Government really had no choice but to smoke him out and subsequently "not arrest" him. So that showed that he can go back on what he proposes to seasoned politicians. Got it. 

what else...
4. He is quite a showman. I would have to completely agree with that. I think he is quite funny too :)
5. I can't think of anything else. 

...anyway so because of this information people now don't want to follow him or what he saying. And I almost jump from my seat to ask them - Why? Let's assume, he built his empire with lots of black money. I ask the recent 'converts' or turncoats: 

1. How does it change what he was preaching? His Yoga not effective anymore? 
2. How does it affect you personally? Is that black money bothering you? Does his Scottish island haunt you? 
3. Is it very difficult to accept a 'grey' leader (assuming the leader in question is). Does he really have to be all white?
4. Does your intellect refuse to separate what the leader is saying from who he is?

Where do I stand? I am not his follower and I won't be for multiple reasons. If you really have to know - I don't think I can relate to what he preaches. I am still figuring out myself as a person and not comfortable in following anyone at the moment. I am not into yoga and for now don't dig the anti-corruption movement (or any nationalist movement) more than just reading about it. 

Talking about leaders - I personally wouldn't trust a 'white' leader. I think a 'white' person will have the same motivation as a 'grey' person simply because he/she will be surrounded with a lot of grey people. So its nearly impossible for that person to completely dedicate his/her energies to a cause when he needs to work with/against grey people. So for me, grey works. Also I back myself more than anyone else to judge what's right and what's wrong. I know the implications of banning high-valued currency notes so what Baba Ramdev does for a living doesn't really matter. 

I just wish that somehow (I know it doesn't make any economic sense, but still) some part of the media would concentrate more on the issue of corruption, promote debate/intellectual conversations rather than the drama around the lives of the public leaders. Especially when people are paying attention to national issues for a change (thanks to Social Media).