Liar Liar, pants on fire!

We like the world functioning the 'right way'. There is a mechanism in our brain that tells us 'what should be'. It also tells us what/how 'others should be' and conveniently absolves ourselves from any responsibility in that matter. For example -

"I hate the traffic, but I will ignore that fact that I am making it worse by honking and skipping lanes every 30 seconds"

"I am bothered by the choices people make in selecting the Government, but I will not vote"

Recently (in June 2011) a lot of people were bothered by our cricket players choosing IPL in favor of the WI tour. Despite injuries and exhaustion they played IPL and chose to skip an 'international tour'. If it was a tour to the kangaroo-land then I can still understand the objection. But at the present state of WI team/management, lets put it this way - they wouldn't be able to catch a cold in winter, if they tried.

Show me one person who'd chose the lame WI tour over IPL (and wait till I shout - Liar Liar ... pants on fire). Who are we kidding here? Its not just about the money (but yes, money is money ;)). I understand the emotions attached to traditional forms of the game but it's also about the people who love and support the game. Saying the players shouldn't have chosen IPL is showing disrespect to the millions who watch/understand/love the game, 1000s of companies who sponsor them, 1000s of people who support the event/train the teams... 

But we still want the players to do the 'right' thing (or rather the 'ideal' thing). That's the irony of life :)