Should we be scared of "progress"?

1. One doesn't have to be a historian or follow military politics to know that we came within striking distance of complete annihilation on more than one occasion in the last 60 years. If I were to count the brightest minds on the planet - a fair % of those people would have spent their lifetime trying to put nuclear energy into use.

2. Kalashnikov invented a product that was rugged, easy to use and low in cost. What else can you ask for in a product? It is not surprising that 20% of all firearms in the world come from the AK family. You can basically have one in exchange for a couple of cows in some countries.

3. Couple of decades back it was impossible for a single thief (or even a not-so-sophisticated group of thieves) to steal your money, memories, reputation, legal entity. Not anymore. One can steal all that and more in less than an hour and guess what - locking your main door before going off to sleep will not help

4. In the last few years we have been extremely open with our private information (voluntarily) that it doesn't even take a geek to access such information. We upload photos, our location, work/education details, phone numbers, family/friend circle, conversations... basically as Facebook puts it - our entire social experience is online. Now, consider an open wi-fi network in a cafe. How difficult is it to access the passwords people enter using that network? I have been told that even I could do it, and I am what you call a 'slingshot in world of modern warfare' as far as technology is concerned.

With current 'power to the people' trend of social media we are piling up more personal data online, not caring how it may come around to bite us. In future we should hope thieves have more restraint than skill - for us to be safe.