The stinky elevator to the top

There are 2 elevators. You don't know which one's going to the top (figuratively speaking).

-- One of them is cranky, dark, has stained walls and sometimes found filthy. But, at most times is empty.
-- There is another - clean, pleasant, well lit and often full of people.

Take a guess which one's more likely to take you to the top. Here is a clue: there are only a few who make it to the top. That's probably all you need know to make the unconventional, improbable and the obviously out-of-favor choice.

Avoiding difficult questions because they can be avoided or quitting on things because there are easier things available doesn't guarantee success. In most cases, it actually makes sure you land up in the fattest part of the bell curve. There is lot of room, more choices, and less competition at the end of a difficult road. On the other hand it is always crowded in the mediocre circles. The higher the stink, more is the probability of people quitting midway. 

Where would you rather be?