Your boss is not "Big Brother" (and thank God for that!)

If you think your boss has perfect information about what you do - you are only trying to fool yourself. No one can have perfect information of what and how you work. Certainly not your boss. Here is why: 

1. If your boss is a Robot, you should stop reading this and get back to work. If not - your boss is likely to have a limited attention span. Either you find a way to get inside their attention zone without interrupting their work or ...

2. Everybody has a job to do and closely tracking your work may not be the most important thing on their plate, unless they intend to specifically. I don't know about you but I don't like to 'watched' all the time. 

3. Taking notes of someone else's work is not on the list of 'most interesting things to do'

4. Higher the management position, more is the need to balance different kinds of interests, costs, stakes, schedules... sometimes even outside their own team. If one was to concede to the popular belief that 'most managers are no good' - they are likely  to spend more time in doing all that (and be less aware of your day to day work). 

If you care about your career/work then do yourself a favor and 'get noticed' from time to time. Broadcasting 'status emails' is not the only way to do that. Interesting coffee conversations about the game that you actually saw last night (not cheesy 'how are you' conversations), being articulate & assertive in meetings, taking initiative when it matters, showing intent to solve problems rather warming your bottom on them ... never harmed anyone. 

Your boss is not "Big Brother" (and thank God for that!), so stop treating them like that. It's your offense and you need to make the move.