Is our future bright?

Jim is 13 years old.  It is 7 AM and his mom is struggling to wake him up. He finally does wake up after after she refuses to leave.

He leans out of his bed, picks up his cell phone. There are a total of 37 messages, notifications and emails since he last checked a few hours back. He scrolls through some of them, 'likes' a few, re-shares a few videos, untags himself from a couple of embarrassing pictures, tags a couple of friends on a fake picture (as a revenge). Then he stops brushing his teeth to type a couple of comments:

"dn b stpd. @kim hd it b4 u"

"@#$% you"

Chews on his toothbrush and swallows the last bit of toothpaste as he replies to his email:

"Ohh my f* GOD Misty. Grow up!! See you in 10"

A few minutes later he had to climb out of the bathtub to answer the phone which wouldn't stop ringing. He would not get in again to get to complete unfinished business.

Technology and kids. Is our future bright?