Your customers are not your friends

Hello Grumpy face,

Are your prospective customers not paying enough attention to you? And is that why they don't appreciate the value of your products and services? If the answer is yes, then you have a problem - YOU. Maybe you worked so hard and focused so hard that you lost the sight of roles. Let's try to understand it again.

Do you know what your customers do for a living?
Do you know how they do, what they do?
Do you know how difficult their lives are?

... No? Then don't expect them to understand how your business works. And also don't expect them to appreciate the complexity of your work (or how much heart you put into it).
Why should they even care? They are not your friends or family! Metaphorically speaking, you're a peddler who caught them unannounced in the middle of their evening walk. You are obligated to do your homework, understand them and identify their needs and offer them something that will make their life better (and hopefully they will pay you for that privilege). Not the other way round. 

Instead of getting angry at them, ask yourself -
Are you really offering them what they need or want?
Are you reaching out to the right people?
Are you saying the right things?

If they are not paying attention then the problem is with you, not them. You need them more than they need you.

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