Why is the world criticizing Israel for defending itself?

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Defense against what? Who belongs where? Who decides the moral code? Every person or country has the right to defend their rights. The question is how do you decide what is your right and what is invading someone else's right (in the name of protecting your interests).

Conflict on a large scale and for such a long time happens when only when both parties believe they are in the right. Both parties have enough people to support their causes (internally or externally). Of course by external support I mean countries other than the two in question.

I don't think conflicts as old as these will be ever be solved by citing proof or action. Even if there is a consensus that "A" is at fault, "B" will have enough proof to sight instances where "A" was wrong. Such things can only be resolved by moving on and trying to forget the past. Since forgetting the past would mean disrespect to the people who sacrificed their lives to the cause - it is not forgotten.

Sorry for oversimplifying, but I don't think there is any end to this (I come from India and we keep fighting with our neighbors for various reasons). In the old days, the more powerful country would go and capture the other to finish the argument. You can't do that in the modern world (at least not for too long).