Remove these words from your resume now!

Linkedin has been publishing a list of overused buzzwords for the last 3 years. Here are the reports with sample sizes: 2010 (85 million people), 2011 (137 million people), 2012 (187 million people).
Some interesting insights from these and other similar reports: 
  • People in fast developing countries like India, Brazil like using words like Effective and Dynamic in their profiles. I can't talk about Brazil but in India it pays to be street smart and resourceful.
  • People in developed countries like US, Canada, Germany, UK... like to highlight their Extensive Experience and Creative/ Innovative skills. 
  • "Motivated" is probably most consistently overused word on a global scale.
  • "Extensive experience" is the consistently overused word in US.
Here are some tips, on maintaining an effective and fresh Linkedin profile. Use the following words if you want to make people yawn (this is a collective score from the Linkedin reports of the past 3 years):