How can you make life more interesting and meaningful?

(from Quora: click here)

1. Do more than expected. All the time. It is only a matter of habit and not availability of time. "What do you I get in return?" should not effect what you do. If you don't like what you get in return - quit and do something else but always do more than expected. This will expose you to more things and you'll learn different kinds of things.

2. Speed up learning. You don't need to spend 10 years on something to know it well. Don't let work dictate the speed of your learning.

3. Start doing things faster & better at the same time. It won't happen on the first day/week/month but when it starts to happen - you will notice the magic. Doing only better or only faster is easy and often not useful.

4. Watch documentaries and then do your own analysis to form an opinion on things around you. Don't be shy to change your opinion if and when you know better.

5. Write a blog about something that you care about and promote it. Expose yourself in front of the world and see if strangers find your ideas interesting.

6. Prepare and participate in seminars/conferences (especially if topics are not connected to your work but are of global or national importance)

7. Research about people around you (and celebrities, CEOs... ) - their religion, countries, history, economy, culture...

What are signs your life is getting more interesting & meaningful?

1. People tell you "you have too much free time in your hands!" (when they learn about the things you do).

2. People you thought were interesting seem boring after sometime.

3. You don't care about 9AM or 5PM.