What is the best movie you have seen that most people have probably never heard of?

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Krzysztof Kieślowski changed the way I understood movies. I was a different person after I watched Blue. I will just leave it at that. I don't see a point in talking about him on Quora. 

Satyajit Ray can have a similar impact if you start following some of his work. Martin Scorsese once said (about Satyajit Ray- source): 

"His work is something that I personally cannot wait to show my own daughter, once she is old enough to understand them"

I don't think I have the skill to describe how I feel about his films. The most popular and highly praised work is obviously The Apu TrilogyI did not grow up with his films but I was lucky to have gotten hooked at an impressionable age - Coming back to my roots. Just days before his death, he received an Honorary Academy award in 1992

Like great filmmakers, his skill, detail and love for art leaves you mesmerized. You get to sit on the paint brush and follow every stroke as he creates a masterpiece. Apart from being a filmmaker, he was also a writer, music director, lyricist, calligrapher and above all a supreme artist.

The trilogy starts with Pather Panchali. Based on a novel, the story revolves around a poor Bengali family in the 1920s. The trilogy follows the life of Apu - the young protagonist of the film. The movie mixes innocence with pain, love with anguish and survival with poverty. Every shot is meticulously planned and executed almost like a poetic dream. It was also a landmark achievement in breaking the trend of "studio shooting". The characters bask in natural beauty of a scenic Bengali village as Ray's poetry comes alive. 

WarningThis movie will break your heart. 

It was a miracle that the film was completed. Some facts
  • it was made in a micro budget of $3000 (equivalent of $25000 today)
  • Ray had to borrow money in order to shoot enough footage, so as to persuade prospective producers to finance the film (which never happened) 
  • to finance the film he worked as a graphic designer, sold his wife's jewellery, sold his record collection and even sold his Life Insurance Policy 
  • as funds dried up, he had to stop shooting for a year. Eventually after pulling a lot of strings, money was loaned by the West Bengal Govt. under the pretext that the movie is a "documentary for rural uplift, such as the need for road improvement"
  • Legendary cinematographer Subrata Mitra started his career with Pather Panchali at the age of 21. He had never operated a movie camera before this movie. He met Ray on the sets of Jean Renoir's The River
It is regarded by many critics as one of the greatest movies ever made. Over the years it has won numerous awards all over the world and regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. Some lists that might interest you: