Why do people say "good things happen to good people" when it is clearly not true?

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I don't think it is "clearly not true". I would give it to you that it is hard to argue on hypothetical conclusions (either way) unless the process is scientific. 

However to give reasons for my answer - I believe in good karma. Positive intentions/deeds/thoughts come back to help you. Assuming good people are good because of their good deeds - then good things are likely to follow them back. This is particularly true in the world of startups (where I come from). I try to help people with things like hiring leads, sales, introductions, reviewing business models, investment etc. and more often than not I get good things in return. I am not saying one should leave their work and get busy with helping others (that would be dumb) but doing what we can is good enough. 

I believe we tend to remember the bad things more than the good ones, hence a lot of us feel that good things don't happen to us.