Aging parents v/s childhood dreams, which one will you chose?


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Actual question: If given a choice between the wishes of your aging parents and your childhood dream, which one will you chose?
This question makes me angry. This is not an either-or situation. It almost never is. It is not a simple choice of whether you want to open a door or not. Just because you are preoccupied with something, doesn't mean you can't work on other things. Also, if you are not preoccupied with things - doesn't mean you will be successful in chasing dreams. In fact "nothing to worry about" sometimes leads to complacency and bad time management. 

Even if your parents need constant attention - you can find some time to work on your own things. If you live in a different city you can move close to your parents. You can plan on a piece of paper, sitting outside the hospital. You can make calls to negotiate and haggle over a contract. You can sleep a little less and research a little more. You can ask your friends to help you out with the "running around". You can ask your colleagues to put in some extra hours to cover for you. You can get hold of a lawyer from your friend circle to help you with legal contract work...

People help people. If you tell them you want to do something good and need their help - they will help you. If nothing works - you contact me. I will bloody well help you. Let us not make ourselves victims of circumstances. Circumstances come and go. Let's dream and let's work towards them. That's the only right thing to do