Should you start your sales pitch with describing product features?

When starting your pitch, what should you start with - features of your product or the problem it aims to solve?

When we create a product for the first time, we are pretty pumped about it. In fact most people are smitten with their product features. After all we spend months/years developing and polishing them. We talk about it with our teams all the time. When you talk about the features, you are in your comfort zone. So it seems only natural to start with your product features.

That would be a mistake. 

Why? Because you haven't given your audience an incentive to listen to you (unless its your poor dog who has no choice in the matter). It might appear to be counter-intuitive but the fist thing to address in a fresh sales pitch is - "why should they care?". That often leads to "how does it help them?" or "what problem does it solve for them?". Unless you get that out of the way, people lose interest like a stone sinking in the sea.