You don't know if you want something, until you have it

I want to be a writer. I want to be a fund manager. I want to be a chef. I want to start my own law practice....

The truth is that we don't know if we really want all that. A lot of us just want a change from what we are doing. Something new seems more exciting because we ignore the "day-to-day"  implications. 

It makes sense to separate real passion from a passing interest. That way we can stop chasing the coffee cup instead of the coffee itself. Reminds me of a question I answered on Quora

What are ways not to give up and have real passion about something?
  • Ask yourself this first - is it really your passion? Expand your initial thoughts by maybe writing a blog or by participating in debates/discussions with others in that field. This really helps to bring things in perspective. It makes you go beyond the initial rush of blood. A lot of things seem interesting when we just imagine them in our head. One needs to understand the practical risks, benefits, routine...before calling it a passion. It might just be a passing interest.
  • It has nothing to do with available time at hand. It is a matter of habit. You need to stop seeing your passion "differently". Make it a part of your daily/weekly routine and you will start seeing progress. 
  • If you have an occupation that you don't like but can't quit - stop looking for promotions or impressing your boss. Stop involving yourself in work politics. Be quick and efficient at what you do. Save your energy for things that you want to do over the weekends/evenings. By the way -do not neglect your work because that will make you unhappy and guilt ridden (be more productive instead).
  • Break your passion down into small actionable pieces. Don't set too many unreasonable targets. Try to keep a healthy momentum and a healthy energy level. Settle in, buckle up and enjoy the ride. This is not a rat race and there is no need to compete. It's okay to get busy with other things and not have time for things you are passionate about. If you really want to do something, you will get back to it.