6 type of people to avoid when starting something new

Photo credit: smallbiztrends.com
It is natural to want the best, so it is natural to look for the best people. Working with the most "qualified" person works well when the work is well defined and repetitive. It may not however work if you are trying to do something new. Something like - building a new product or trying to break into a new market or even writing a new song. The more unfamiliar a project is, the higher is the risk of working with the wrong person.

In these situations you want to go beyond the paper qualifications. Skills and experience of course matter but what matters even more is the willingness of a person to do whatever it takes. Here are some people you might want to avoid working with:
1. Avoid people who can't come up with new ideas. 

2. Avoid people who seem likely to come back and say "I didn't sign up for this". 

3. Avoid people who are care deeply about their lunch hour.

4. Avoid people who like to play it safe and don't give straight answers. You don't want to hire reckless people either but that's easier to catch. 

5. Avoid people who have a negative mindset. 

6. Avoid people who can  work "for" you but instead look for the people who can work "with" you.